Anse Aux Pins,  Cacao Estate.

 Under negotiation until October 2020.

(Direction: Golf Course, Reef Estate, towards Capuccins Dans Gravier)

Very central position: a few minutes driving to Anse Royale and the same to the airport. Even Victoria is not very far thanks to the highway.

Land: 730m2 (concrete parking =  small garden & small maintenance costs), quiet neighborhood.

Building surface: 300 m2
The building is recent,  has a robust structure; the contractor used 6 inched blocs everywhere. Excellent condition.

Nice reef sea view, (guaranteed in future as the neighbors have finished their development).

Two separate accommodations:
Total: 2 kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms & 4 toilets, 2 verandas, 2 living rooms, 2 electric gates with separate entrances, 2 separate electric meters.

Possibility install back the internal covered staircase to link the two floors (see further)
Electric solar panels, fully air conditioned, well secured, elegantly furnished and well equipped.

Reference: Mahe 28

General front view of the building


First, we shall visit the lower part of the building

Its separate entrance and parking.
The two levels can connect through the passage along the fence boarding the neighbor land.

One can understand the layout of the lower part:

-a covered 32 m2 parking,

-the living/kitchen 30m2,

-the 16m2 covered veranda,
(behind the ensuite bedroom 18m2)

-and on the side, the access to the rear of the lower building 30m2  (washing machine, area for drying clothes, storage area,  etc.)
Taken from the edge of the parking, the view towards the sea and the down side development of the neighbors:

While sitting on the veranda or in the living room, you see only the tip of the ecovilla wooden house and the sea.

A sea view is quite common is Seychelles, but after a while, it becomes quite boring....
An ever changing reef sea view adds some "spice" to the view....

The garage with the facility to boost charge a leaf electric car (connected also with the solar panels so that the sun pays a good part of your transport costs!) (the special plug has to be reinstalled)

Two doors: one for the (visitors')bathroom (toilet, shower, wash in basin) and the second door: a store.

The kitchen / living room.

Please notice the 4 cm thick granite top and the "calice du pape" wooden kitchen furniture. (yes  it is always Xmas!)

The living room connecting to veranda.

You can decide to live in full air conditioning during the warmer season.

Note that the sofa is a sofa bed which could accommodate 2 persons.

People like to live outside; this area is open but well protected from the rain.
Ideal combination to welcome friends for a BBQ.

One can see the window of the ensuite bedroom.

The ensuite bedroom connecting with 3 doors see below:

-the wash in basin and the bidet
-the spacious shower
-the toilet
Now, we shall visit the upper part of the building.

The access in the upper house is either through the covered veranda, or at the rear, directly to the kitchen.

Under the stairs, a small storage area.

A view of the two gates leading to the upper and lower parts of the building.

The covered veranda which is a large social area, is connected to the three equal sections of the house:

section #1: a 27 m2 ensuite master bedroom

section #2: a 27 m2 kitchen / living room

section #3: a 33 m2 2bedrooms/1bathroom

Note that it is possible to lock the different segments from each other, if one day the management of the upper level would require so.

All the rooms are equipped with ceiling fans and air conditioning.

The sliding windows had to be added to ensure the comfortable usage of the veranda during the South East monsoon.

The view when sitting at the table of the veranda.
The "spicy" reef sea view!

Let us tour the different segments: section 2 : living / kitchen.

One door opens to the ensuite master bedroom and the back door opens to a small veranda and gives access to the garden.

One notices the 4 cm granite for the kitchen and the "centole" wood used for the kitchen furniture made by the reputed  Sarajanan contractor.

Above one sees the door opening to the section 3,(being 2 bedrooms and one bathroom.)
Section 1: the ensuite master bedroom

The complete bathroom

Section 3 : 2 bedrooms / 1 bathroom

This bedroom is facing the rear side of the building, towards the garden.

This bathroom is used as visitors' bathroom and can be shared by the two bedrooms' occupants.
Note that the water and electric connections for a second washing machine is already installed.

The present tenants decided to use this smaller bedroom as office;
 the storage capacity is important thanks to
 the build in cabinet; this room is facing the sea.

The rear of the upper part: the electric meters, a small veranda, the door towards the kitchen and access to the garden: banana trees papaya trees, passion fruits, a facility to clean fish and heavy cleaning.
Also lines to hang clothes in a covered area.


A staircase had been originally placed to link the two levels without going out in the rain! But as both levels are presently rented independently the staircase has been removed.

But the physical space exists to place a staircase if one would prefer to have a proper link between the two levels of the house.

The description has been done in great details, so that the potential buyer can appreciate that this property has been constructed with a lot of thinking and consideration of practical points for guaranteeing a comfortable everyday life.

The upper part of the property house has been used for less than five years, the lower part for less than four years: it is a recent construction but we took care of the normal teething issues and improvement of any new construction.

Only for serious buyer. reference Mahe 28

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