La Passe

Land surface : 2650 m2

Private land sale.

Great view, located at 800 metres from the Port (in straight line)

The principle of an Access road has been approved by Authorities and presently the relevant authorities are conducting meetings to sort out the final passage of the road leading to these few recently approved parcels.

Price 1,250,000 SR

Reference Land La Digue 3

In the picture above, indicated with red dots, is the likely path of the motor able road access, the authorities are presently finalising.
The price of this land is inexpensive as the road is not yet built, but pressure is on the authorities aas 6 owners are presently waiting for the road to be built.

The contours indicate clearly a reasonable declension; the area between the 50 metres and 55 metres above sea level is quite large to enable a significant development

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If you are seriously interested to take advantage of this great price as there is no road built yet,
Do not hesitate to contact Michel on 00-248-247 084