Our Business Philosophy

Real Estate Services wishes to reiterate a few specific ethical points in which we believe and which we implement in the Seychelles business environment.

Long term oriented relationship with the clients

We consider our clients with respect.  We believe in fair profit and not in other type of arrangements leading to a one off commercial relationship.

 Our commission policy for real estate transactions

Our clients selling their properties wish to receive a certain amount of money for their properties and in agreement with them, we build, in the requested selling price, a reasonable commission for our services; this is the advertised price.

We do not believe in inflating the client selling price for gaining additional commission. Inflating selling prices is counterproductive since it may put the property out of market and delay the sale, which is detrimental to our clients. 

 Win - win situation

In all our ventures, as much as possible, we try to develop a win win situation, where all parties can agree and have a good feeling about the agreement. Therefore we shall avoid to market unrealistically high price properties


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